Pisgah Valley Retirement Community

A fulfilling senior lifestyle means experiencing new things and exploring your options. Pisgah Valley provides an ongoing Calendar of Events meant to take advantage of the full spectrum of life in our region. We offer a variety of programs, activities and events on-campus, from book club to bocce, from cornhole tournaments to tai chi.

In addition, you’ll discover recurring favorites culled from the offerings of the area, such as arts and crafts fairs and festivals as well as agricultural events. Sample music and theatre in Asheville, Brevard, Flat Rock and other local venues. Make your calendar – and your life – as full as you want it to be.


Bingo – Tuesday February 2nd, 2:30

Come to the Community Center and join your friends and neighbors in this fun for everyone game. A sweet treat will be awarded to winners. Call Karen at 418-2352 by February 2nd if you would like to attend. read more

Wednesday Shopping Trips

Walmart on Hendersonville Rd. February 3rd, 1:30 Sam’s Club Warehouse on Patton Ave. February 10th, 1:30 Discount Shoes on Brevard Rd. in Candler February 17th , 1:30 Ingles Market on Sand Hill Rd. Candler February 24th ,... read more

Brunch at Cracker Barrel – February 4th, 10:00

We hope you will join us for brunch at Cracker Barrel Old Time Country Store and Restaurant. Cracker Barrel serves a variety of southern foods and has vegetarian options available. Please call Karen at 418-2352 by February 3rd if you are interested in attending. Pick... read more

Helping Hands – Friday February 5th, 10:30

Come and lend a helping hand putting together  Valentine treat bags for the Estates luncheon. This is a great way to help out while visiting with your friends and neighbors. Please call Karen at  418-2352 by February 4th if you are interested in attending.... read more

Super Bowl Sunday- February 7th, 5:30

Come join us in the Community Center for some Super Bowl fun. We will be having regular and vegetarian pizza, chicken wings, bread sticks and other snacks. Kick off begins at 6:30 pm, and even if you are not a football fan it will be fun to join your friends and... read more

Wii Bowling – Monday’s February 8th & 22nd 2:00

  Wii bowling is a fun and interactive game that has the look and feel of real bowling. Using a light weight hand held device that lets you control the ball with hand and arm movements. Wii is fun and easy to learn. So easy you can even bowl sitting down. Come on... read more

Estates Luncheon Tuesday February 9th, 1:30pm

       Menu                                                                           Chicken Stroganoff         Veggie Chicken Stroganoff                                                                          Spinach Souffle                Roasted Asparagus... read more

Valentines Social February 11th, 2:30

Join your neighbors and friends in the Community Center for this year’s valentine’s social! We will be serving up some decadent treats and healthy fruits. There will be something to appeal to everyone’s taste buds. Hope you will join us for an afternoon of socializing... read more

Paparazzi Accessories -Friday February 12th 3:00 Until 5:00

Join the party at Pisgah Villa with $5.00 Paparazzi Accessories. Lots of fun fashion for just five bucks. Paparazzi accessories are always fabulous, always fashionable, and always $5. With new styles, you can look like a million without breaking the bank, find that... read more

Rummikub February 15th, 2:00

Come join the fun with your friends and neighbors in a friendly competitive game of rummikub in the Community Center. We welcome new and experienced players. Spectators are also welcome to see if it’s a game you might enjoy. We would also like to offer a chance to... read more

The North Carolina Arboretum, Tuesday February 16th, 9:30

Botanica: Botanical Monoprints by Sandee Johnson Come join us at the NC Arboretum to view the works of Sandee Johnson, prizewinning artist, writer and photographer. Sandee has traveled the world mastering techniques including mixed media, acrylic, collage, pen and... read more

Creative Hands February 18th, 2:30

February is national feed the birds month and its one of the most difficult months in the United States for wild birds. During this month individuals are encouraged to provide food, water and shelter to help wild birds survive. Come join us in the Community Center as... read more

Movie Matinee-February 25th,2:00

Healed by Grace Come join us in the Community Center for this story about a young woman named Riley Addams who has dreamed of becoming a world class dancer. Victory in regional competition has gained her a coveted shot at the nationals, but a horrific accident brings... read more

Ladle’s of Love – February 26th, 10:30

Put on your aprons, head on down to the Community Center and let’s get cookin. Ladles of love is a great outreach program to our neighbors and community members who are unable to cook for themselves, due to illness or injury. If you are interested in being a part of... read more


Yoga class every Wednesday at 11:00 & Friday at 2:00 in the Community Center. Yoga has a variety of benefits, ranging from improving health and flexibility to boosting your immune system. Regular yoga practice will, over time, build muscle strength and allow the... read more


Tai ji Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:45 a.m. A study conducted by the Oregon Research Institute of Eugene, reported that seniors who do Tai ji classes for an hour twice a week reported having an easier time with activities like walking, climbing, bending, lifting, eating... read more


Bingo – Tuesday February 2nd, 2:30

Come to the Community Center and join your friends and neighbors in this fun for everyone game. A sweet treat will be awarded to winners. Call Karen at 418-2352 by February 2nd if you would like to attend. read more


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